Relief From Hypertension and the Pillars of Health

April 23, 2016

It has long been understood the importance of a sound diet, consistent exercise, and stress reduction. This has been imprinted in our minds since we were children. Hypertension is an indication that we need to revert back to the 3 pillars of health. There is relief out there and it does not involve pharmaceutical drugs.

The foundation of holistic and natural health involves:

1. Eating right

2. Exercise

3. Reducing Stress- Meditation, sunlight, etc……..

Hypertension is an indication that you are under stress. Merely reduce your stress and you will experience relief from your hypertension symptoms. Holistic health is about getting to the root cause of your ailment; it is no different for hypertension.

As a kid you were told to eat your fruits and vegetables. Not only can it rid of disease but it can also prevent disease. Including fruits and vegetables consistently will provide adequate relief from high blood pressure.

Below I have listed some supplements that can aid in relief from hypertension:

1. Omega 3s- One of the most effective supplements for hypertension. Sources can be obtained from fish, flaxseed oil, krill oil and cod liver oil. There is debate as to which supplement is best but all provide benefit. Always eat fish that have scales. Scales protect fish from toxic city thereby preventing toxicity in your body.

2. Magnesium- For many years’ doctors and scientists alike have touted the effects of magnesium on high blood pressure. Green vegetables are known to have good sources of magnesium. My recommendation is to also supplement with magnesium. Make sure your magnesium supplement has no fillers or additives as this can sacrifice health and absorption.

3. Potassium: Helps to cleanse the body and regulate body fluids. The best source is bananas.

If you begin an exercise regimen, start including more fruits and vegetables and reduce stress, you will find great relief from high blood pressure. Organic foods are highly nutritious and definitely healthier than its conventional counterpart. I understand organic costs more but in the long run your body will thank you.

Some holistic doctors that may help you in your quest for relief include:

1, Naturopaths

2. Osteopathic physicians

3. Herbalists

4. Homeopathic

You can find many of these practitioners online by doing a search in your area. You can and will experience great health when you start living a healthy lifestyle and not taking yourself so seriously:

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